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It is high Winter Time at our Alphut
Category: Miscellaneous Submitted: 2009-02-22 22:42:32

Hans, Head of HB9CW, spent a weekend at our alphut. He could only get back on Thursday. Many avalanches crossed the road and there was no way other than staying up there. Now he is back with many pictures.

There is snow blocking the exit.. . . February 2009 at the Alphut

Cavity for TH347 on 1296 MHz
Category: EME Equipment Submitted: 2008-04-01 20:21:21

The dream of solid power in EME is either solid state but expensive or heavy, using tubes but affordable due to surplus equipment.
Rohde+Schwarz manufactured TV repeaters which can be modified to make useful power on 1296 MHz.

This cavity is what makes EME real fun

Read more how ON7UN did it here

Category: EME Equipment Submitted: 2008-01-13 21:25:23

The following link tells you how to build your own vacuum tubes. Most of us use vacuum tubes for higher power. The following movie shows how a French Tube enthusiast, F2FO, builds his own vacuum tubes. HB9THJ, Beat initiated this interesting link to me.

The electrons travel just 1mm from the Cathode to Plate

Build your own tube

Tube testing rottens fingerstock - cathode fins
Category: EME Equipment Submitted: 2007-12-21 20:21:44

Testing pulls Thomson TH347 an TH327 delivers typically 1 out of 10 with gain >9dB. A few out of 10 deliver 8-9dB and 5 or 6 are not usable on 1296MHz. The tube specification is max 1000MHz so these results are not really surprising.
Many in- and outs of a tube in a cavity may rotten the fingerstock. I am using separate amplifiers for tube testing and EME operating. I would not use the eme equipment for this purpose.

Tube testing  rottens fingerstock - here repaired This tube delivers sufficient power to compensate a cable loss of some dB

I am using these amplifiers for some tropo but as well as for tube testing

23cm Preamplifier HB9BBD with N-connectors
Category: EME Equipment Submitted: 2007-11-18 16:15:18

On request of a new 23cm EME enthusiast in Greece the HB9BBD LNA for 23cm has been delivered with N-connectors from SUHNER.

N connectors are an option but SMA offers slightly better results in NF Please note  the  adaptor needed for  tuning and measuring NF and Gain
The SMA version..
If you are interested in learning more about the
HB9BBD LNA for sale
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