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Our local Club
Category: Miscellaneous, Created: 2001-11-14 00:29:26

We are a very small group of Radio Amateurs who gather primarily for social reasons. We won the Field Day 3 times in a row, went to Mount RIGI (1800M a.s.l.)for contesting on the higher bands for many years and want to have fun.
Our club is part of the The Swiss Radio Amateurs

There will be more pics here, guys!!

Field Day offers more than CW... Oliver explores the forest with his favourite car! Adolf, eating garlic bread! You certainly understand that I did not  go too close to take this picture! Bernhard is not an outlaw. His influence on us is probably  positive... Hanspi

the hydraulics work! HB9JAX is the 2nd son of wife no. 269 of cheesemaker laden in Switzerland

Marcel in WWII. finding the direction.. look, what beyond legal power does to your hair!! This is the place where we operate a contest site. The lake is the lake of Zug, north of Rigi

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