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Equipment for sale
Category: For Sale, Created: 2001-11-18 19:28:58

If you are looking for high end receiving cavity preamplifier related to 23cm eme, I might have what you need. It is a SWISS Quality product for serious small signal applications.
You find a detailed description with price in EURO here:

High end Cavity Preamplifier for 1296mc

N connectors are an option but SMA offers slightly better results in NFCeramic-Teflon Print

The silver plated body with ceramic printed board

This preamplifier is available also for 1420 MHz SETI with the same specifications.
These devices are in use in Europe, Japan, Australia, Alaska and in the US.

The LNA comes with SUHNER SMA connectors. N connectors (SUHNER) are available on request.

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