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Category: Miscellaneous, Created: 2001-11-25 13:12:45

This incomplete gallery is devoted to those who helped me in various ways to enjoy all dimensions of social and technical aspects of Amateur Radio.
The line-up is totally random, with no systematic, no ranking. There are many more who should be portrayed - the columne will be extended but will never be complete.

Walter Port
Walter VK6BCP lives in VK and Switzerland. He is an enthusiast in mobile Amateur Radio, Satellite Communication, he loves the landscape and nature of down-under and we see each other far to little!
Walter is a fine guy. We share a true interest in Amateur Radio. If its Walter, its BIG! This is what makes Walter to live his live in Australia This is the QSL of a true Outbacker!

Paul Chominsky
Paul WA6PY used to live in Stockholm, where we first met after our initial EME qso in 1993. For me SM0PYP at the time was #initial 10. QSL for SM0PYP.
Paul has helped me a lot with antenna design and Preamplifiers.
We met many time since, at the Rio EME Conference, in Whashington in 1996 and will all be in Prague next year for the EME Conference.

ex SM0PYP Paul is a real Radio Amateur and builds his own equipment from A to Z. all homebrew This beutiful device is a two stage preamplifier which I used for many years.

Hans Müri
Hans HB9JKJ lives in Goldau, where he is the Managing Director of his own company TAFAG AG.. Hans is a proven expert in heavy machinery, hydraulics, airconditioning and heating, steam engines and swimming pool water treatment. He is most useful when gear is heavy. Hydraulics are heavy structures!.
Hans has helped me a lot in various activities. We visited Dayton, EME conference in Rio and will be in Prague in 2002.

the hydraulics work! We stopped in St. Louis on our way to Dayton Hans, HB9JKJ - enjoing our project.. Impressive airconditioners wait for cooling my new amplifier! Thats the kind of toys Hans plays with..

Ewald Göbel, DK2DB
Ewald lives near Karlsruhe, Germany. For more than 20 years we shared our mutual interest in amateur radio. Ewald is engineering professional and amateur gear. His major fields of developments are rf, time base, filters and amateur television.

Ewald at the bench - he is a seasoned rf-engineer

Fred Jaggi
Fred lives close to our hut in the Haslital. He is a historian, carpenter, mountain climber, geologist and a fine guy.

Fred in his favourite activities: smoking and smiling Fred is a wonderful Mountain Guide - here climbing with me above Gadmen ..this was a phantastic trip! I took this picture in the mountains above Gadmen

Gebhard Schneider
Gebhard (Skilehrer) lives in Zug am Arlberg, close to Lech in Austria. We went there for skiing many years. Gebhard, who is licensed Ski instructor, worked for more than 40 years for the Skischule Lech. He is an outstanding professional and we still enjoy powder skiing with Gebhard every year.

If I am a good skier, credit goes to Gebhard! His clients always try to adapt to his style.. He is not only a good skier, - his stories are not bad either! Many have tried to ski like him

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