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1296/1420 MHz Cavity LNA for sale
Category: For Sale, Created: 2003-12-14 21:12:04

The LNA (low noise amplifier or 23cm preamp) has been designed for small signal applications, primarily EME and SETI.It offers gain in the order of 40dB and a Noise Figure between 0.2 and 0.23 dB.
Each unit comes with detailed specification as Agilent test protocols, graph of both gain and NF.
Connectors are SUHNER SMA. SUHNER N connectors are available on request.
The cost per unit is
for 1296 MHz EUR 650.
for 1420 MHz EUR 650.

.. typically NF is 0.2-0.23dB, Gain 38-42dB

Ceramic-Teflon Print

The LNA is designed for no compromise in Noise Figure

Swiss made This device has been developed and produced at HB9BBD in Switzerland. Credit for unvaluable information, hints and experience goes to WA6PY, Paul Chominski, and DJ0FW, Helmut Bentivoglio.

The preamplifier can be shipped worldwide. So far HB9BBD LNA are in operation in Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia, Alaska and the US. Many EME expeditions used this LNA with success.

EME expeditions with HB9BBD LNA

TF/DL1YMK Soundfile, Pictures, Log

For your order or inquiry please click here: mail.

The silver plated body with ceramic printed board

The silver plated body with ceramic printed board

The silver plated body with ceramic printed board

proper mount to your feedhorn

Schematic of a cirquit which I presented at the EME conference 2000 in Rio de Janeiro. The system has been realized in my EME station since 1997 and allows permanent control of the whole rf-path up to the dish and down to the converter. Nesting birds in the feedhorn, water in the cables, connector faults etc. can be detected while transmitting. Furthermore, the rf power in the feedhorn, isolation and return loss are under permanent control. I strongly recommend to go for it.
Credit for the drawing goes to ON7UN, thanks!

The schematic allows to permanently monitor the rf path of tx and rx while transmitting

Here comes ON7UN's way of using the HB9BBD LNA.

The Manual (3 pdf pages)

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

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23cm preamp / 1296mHz preamp / LNA 1296 / preamplifier / 23cm / 1296 / 1296 mc / 1296 MHz / low noise / small signal amplifier / cavity lna / cavity preamplifier /

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