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Hydraulic Dish Control
Category: EME Equipment, Created: 2001-10-21 11:26:16

Why Hydraulic Dish Control?
I was asked many times, what inspired me to move the dish by hydraulic engines in azimuth and elevation.

The Pro's for hydraulics:

  • Lots of power: no matter how heavy your system is, you can move any weight.
  • No counterweight needed. You better use the concrete blocks for appropriate basement of your tower!
  • Ideal for outdoor use! No matter how wet, cold, hot or icy everything is, it works. Electric motors don't like water and snow!
  • Precise control. Slow movement with hydraulics is easy.
  • No mechanical shift. Hydraulics are not impressed by winds. No mechanical gear.
  • minimal maintenance requirement

The Con's against hydraulics:
  • heavy structures. Indeed, hydraulic engines are heavy. Your tower has to cope with this.
  • You might not be familiar with hydraulics. Once you recognize it's value, you'll be an expert soon!
Hydraulics Tutorial

Hydraulics require solid design Elevation Control It delivers enormous power

It delivers oil pressure of up to 120 bar The engine turns 360 deg The engine stands on the flange, body up

Adolf The hydraulic engine is standing on the flange of the shaft. The Body is up.

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