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Computer aided EME? Some thoughts about JT65
Category: Miscellaneous, Created: 2007-11-25 15:44:37

CW is the ultimate way of small signal communication among radio amateurs. Even though it may seem a bit old fashioned to exchange dots and dashes, it is communication by the human ear and radio equipment.
There are new attempts to communicate using the computer to enhance the ability of identifiying signals below noise level. Some of them use databases of known information to be added to fragments of information really received on the RF path. I consider these techniques interesting and worth profiling in the future, however, this does not qualify to the standards set by the amateur radio community for a valid QSO. The full callsign and a signal report has to be received on the RF path (not just delivered by the computer).

It is obvious that the EME community is not accepting being challenged by corrupt computer gaming. Thus, contests which do not distinguish between real RF-path QSO's and computer aided, data base related 'QSO' are of no interest to EME operators. The same is true for top-lists, initial scoring etc.
HB9BBD has been listed in loggers having made such computer 'QSO'. Since I never used the computer to run a QSO, it is obvious that my call was taken from a list of EME stations in the computer.
Linked to these false 'QSO's' is the use of loggers which again provide known information and thus corrupt the RF-path communication.
HB9BBD is not involved in these corrupt activities.

The Master of the software to make EME obsolete is K1JT. On the picture below is he and one of his believer fellows, DF2ZC. (DF2ZC is very proud of being photographed numerous times with various celebrities and others on his website http://www.df2zc.de/pictures/index.html ) Not only that they repeat untrue statements in the reflectors but have ruined the most popular EME contest.

He is the author of the software which makes people believe that they communicate via the moon..

EME stands for Earth-Moon-Earth (RF path).
For further understanding, SM2CEW has written and collected interesting thoughts on this topic. He proved towards K1JT the corruption of his code JT65 etc. here:
Some thoughts about JT65

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