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There is a 105ft Dish!
Category: Projects, Created: 2001-10-21 14:15:27

Commercial Satellite Services are facing restructuring based on technological and commercial development. Therefore, commercially operating dishes beyond 16m might meet efficiency criteria less adequate in the future.
I opted in 2000 to acquire one of these 32m dishes for EME purposes.
The whole Leuk site has, however, been acquired by a Satellite Operator. The project hopefully is not dead. I still believe that one day I will enjoy EME here!

The 32m Dish still is in commercial use... I never give up!  Imagine the sig off the moon with this giant!! FrontOf32mdish Where the dream meets the project!

Hans, HB9JKJ - enjoing our project.. Impressive airconditioners wait for cooling my new amplifier! The 32m Dish with its 1200 ton base ViewToWest

105ft antenna plaquette

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