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Ernst Lienhard Ernst cutting the delicious sweets..
Edith and Rita Flowers
ARRL EME Contest 1. place 1296MHz Certificate typically NF is 0.2-0.23dB, Gain 38-42dB OE9PMJ Noise Source 1296 1420 1600 2320 MHz OE9PMJ Noise Source 30 50 1000MHz
ETN NS 1296 1420 1600 2320 ETN NS 30 50 100 1000MHz ENR Table SNS 4000A HB9BBD p.3 ENR Table SNS 4000A HB9BBD p.2
ENR Table SNS 4000A HB9BBD p.1 Noise Source G4DZU 1-3 GHz Noise Source G4DZU playing cards at christmas 2004
shoveling we got snow - we got snow how to drive back?
in front of the Hut - in front of the Hut The Hut Hanspi enjoys the Fondue
Ernst Lienhard wood cutting Alphorn with Enzian Flowers The schematic allows to permanently monitor the rf path of tx and rx while transmitting

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