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The Klettersteig is a fine place to exercise The mountain guides of the Haslital have prepared this fine climb ..this was a phantastic trip! I took this picture in the mountains above Gadmen
Fred in his favourite activities: smoking and smiling View above the village Gadmen The Klettersteig above Gadmen offers fine climbing almost for everyone The Klettersteig above Gadmen offers fine climbing almost for everyone
Fred is a wonderful Mountain Guide - here climbing with me above Gadmen
this is the sunday morning I like: An early morning hike to a mountain top: Below the lake of Zug
As you know, moonrise starts only after midnight today... We came back after a descent in the dark This picture just had to be taken! He seems to smell the best snow for his track
He shows how to do it His clients always try to adapt to his style.. Many have tried to ski like him He is not only a good skier, - his stories are not bad either!
Powder snow is Gebhards element The sun warms up the frozen trees After hiking up here we are rewarded by the magnificant view from Rigi Pilatus is the dominant mountain in the Lucerne area
We hiked all the way up to leave the fog behind us.. A Sunday morning journey to Rigi Klaus Tscherrig and Lukas in front of the Matterhorn on our way to Zermatt Klaus not only is a fine Mountain Guide and Heli Skiing Expert, he also is a skilled cameraman!

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