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Ailtech serial nr S-4166 1000-2500MHz Ailtech serial nr S-4166 100-500MHz Ailtech serial nr 1613 1000-2500MHz Ailtech serial nr 1613 100-500MHz
Sweeps frequency and power.. two carriers only a few Hz off each other can be made visible..
NoiseFigure Test Setup ATF36077 in a high Q environment NoiseFigure and Gain, 2stage Preamplifier, measured with agilent N8973A with N4000A NoiseFigures are volatile. This instrument calculates the average NF of hundreds of measurments.
Noise Source with ENR of approx. 6dB, fits to  Agilent 8973A Noise Figure meter The Networkanalyzer is very useful to tune the feedhorn. Simultaneous analyzis of match, return loss, phase  and isolation is possible. With the TimeDomain, locating reflections in cables is fun. 10MHz to 3GHz, sweeps NF and GAIN. This precious toy helps to win the EMEers fight against noise...

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